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How To Check If Your Car’s Suspension Is Bad?

After a while, you begin to notice a difference in the way your car drives or feels compared to how it used to. As you countersteer more and more, the automobile begins to drift to the right.

Your suspension may need replacement if you notice this problem.

Is there a way to determine for sure that the problem stems from the suspension?

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may need to get your car’s suspension repaired.

How To Check If Your Car's Suspension Is Bad?

5 Steps To Check Your Car’s Suspension

1.Inspect the Strut Mounts

This is a simple procedure that does not necessitate elevating the vehicle. Open the hood of your car and inspect the strut or shock towers on either side of the vehicle, which are held in place by a number of bolts and nuts that extend through the fender just above each tyre.

Fasteners that go over should not be loose or otherwise damaged, so look for corrosion or rust.

2.Examine The Height Of Your Front Wheels

Use a tape measure to establish how far the tyre extends from the vehicle’s fender on the driver’s side.

Check to see whether there is any height variation between the driver’s and passenger’s sides. It’s okay if there’s a small difference (less than 2.5cm), because the two should be quite comparable.

In general, if one side is noticeably lower than the other, that’s where the trouble is. There may still be a problem with the suspension that affects both sides, which brings you to step 3 below.

3.Jacking Up The Car

You’ll need to get the jack out before you can investigate the underneath of your vehicle. Before attempting to lift the car, check the owner’s manual for jack points. Attempting to jack up the automobile from any random location puts you in danger, as well as the vehicle itself.

4.Search For Any Hint Of Damage Or Grease

Using a torch can help you see below the car if you’re having problems. On a wheel-by-wheel basis, examine the rubber bushings. This part aids in the separation of the suspension’s metal components. They’re usually black, but with use and time, the colour might fade to grey.

If any of the bushings are cracked or torn, this indicates that they need to be replaced. When a rubber bushing wears out, it can no longer do its job of separating the metals, which makes for a harsher, noisier ride.

The car’s capacity to handle bumps is compromised if a bushing is missing or damaged, and this puts you and other drivers on the road in danger if you continue to drive.

5.Survey The Rod Ends

This is a more involved phase, but we’ll walk you through it. Start by finding the power steering box and then making your way to the wheels by following the arms. If you can’t find it, you may need to consult the owner’s manual, as the placement varies from model to model.

An important part of suspension, the tie rod connects the steering wheel to the wheels. Reduced steering precision and dead spots can be the result of worn-out or broken bushings. Since of this, driving is exceedingly risky because you may lose control of your vehicle.

6 Signs The Car Suspension Needs Replacing

  1. The way your car drives will tell you if your shocks or struts are worn out. Almost like driving off-road, you’ll begin to feel every little bump on the road.
  2. If your car begins to drift or pull to one side when travelling straight, you may have a problem with the suspension. Uneven tyre wear and tyre pressure are the most common causes. Even if you aren’t making a turn, you may be compelled to countersteer.
  3. Has the steering wheel lost its responsiveness? A problem with the suspension can make the steering feel sluggish, cause the car to pull to one side, or fail to respond as you make a turn. Low steering fluid levels may be the cause, but it might be far more problematic. Please seek the advice of a an expert if you’re currently experiencing this.
  4. When you use the brakes strongly, you may feel the front end of the vehicle “nose dive.” This is because the shocks are worn out. As soon as this begins to occur, you should make an appointment with your mechanic to get it checked out. Stopping time might be increased by up to 20% when using a bad suspension.
  5. It’s possible that the suspension isn’t holding up the car uniformly, resulting in uneven tyre pressure, if you detect uneven wear or bald spots.
  6. A fluid leak is most likely if you detect any build-up of fluid or if the shocks and springs appear greasy. If you notice a leak in your steering fluid, its a sign that your suspension needs to be changed. its quite risky to drive about with low level of steering fluid.

This walk through of how to check on your car’s suspension is highly useful in case you are worried that there is something wrong with your vehicle. This article is detailed with tips on how to spot a problem without relying on a mechanic and wasting money on a service you could perform on your own.

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